Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is What I Know

Our administration decided to cancel our monthly club day (an hour on Friday) again this month. We have not had a club day since November. I am not sure the reason for all of the cancellations, but the students and many teachers look forward to club day every month. I sponsor a poetry club and had planned to have the students watch a video and start their own spoken word poetry. So, since the principal announced the cancellation in last period, I kept my last period class for the rest of the day. We had club day together. We wrote poems and took the digital cameras outside for some inspiration. Here is my poem from yesterday. It is a hodgepodge of the feelings that have been floating around in my head all week.

This is what I know:
I know that the grass that grows on fertile soil will become greener the more that it is watered, and that the grass that is not watered, or on good soil, will become brown and crunchy.
I know that if you give respect to others you will not always get it back, but if you never respect others you will never have a meaningful relationship.
I know that students love to talk and love to play; they love to stand around and hang (all except for those few that don’t care about the popular thing).
I know that baseball is a great game, but that there are those who make it about something other than baseball and other than a game. I don’t want to be around those people.
I know that headaches are a part of life (at least for me), and I lose a little self control when my brain feels like it is being squashed by an elephant.
I know that I hate to give failing grades but that if I don’t students will think they earned something that they didn’t.
I know that children are a joy to be around, and that it is so hard to punish them when they do wrong.
Yet, I also know that if a child is never punished for the evil that comes out of them, they will become cold and callus to the world.
I know that hard words make soft people and that soft words make hard people…and I don’t want my kids or students to be hard.
I know that God made us all different, and it ticks me off when one person makes fun of another person for something that they can't change ( know...they might change if they could).
I know that I am overweight, husky, big boned, fat, large, obese, and a whole lot of other labels that people put on me, but labels do not define me - GOD DEFINES ME!

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