Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christmas-Easter Christians

I have the tendency to say things that are different or against the grain. It’s nothing new; I don’t know why my mind and mouth work that way. Sometimes I find myself arguing a point I don’t believe in simply to argue and debate. I love the mind workout that it gives (that is not what I am doing here!). With Easter here, I have made a few comments about the pagan ritual, as I do at Christmas.

My real issue is the worship of Jesus Christ. I do not get excited for holidays like Christmas and Easter because I think that the celebration of Christ’s birth and resurrection should be a daily outpouring of praise and worship. God’s word commands us to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection (1 Corinthians 11:23-26) and I think that celebrating his incarnation is important too.
Eggs, trees, lights, etc. can all be connected to with a Christian analogy, and I do not have a problem with those analogies. My only concern is that our celebration of God on a “Holy Day” or a “Holy Week” detracts from his worship the rest of the year. Are we gathering with believers in homes and in corporate places to celebrate Christ throughout the weeks and months that are not “Holy,” or are we going through the motions the rest of the year?
My family dyes eggs, hunts eggs, puts up lights, and decorates a tree, but we are mindful to celebrate Jesus daily in life and often with other Christians. We talk about Jesus year long and seek to see Jesus lifted high throughout the year. If you take offense to me trying to lift up Jesus and downplay the rituals, so be it. However, ask yourself why you are taking offense to my words (John 15:18).
My goal is to bring the idea up and have people reexamine their hearts because I believe that Jesus expects and deserves more from us than a holy week and Christmas. Let us give him our entire calendar! Jesus is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

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