Sunday, April 24, 2011

Have I Ever Said That I Hate SPD?

Have I ever said that I hate SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)?

It breaks my heart to watch Bryson become overwhelmed with emotion for relatively trivial occurrences.  Here are two examples of what I mean; they both happened in the last two days

While playing outside, I decided to put the basketball up that was in the street. Instead of picking up the ball though, I kicked it to the house.  Before it landed in the desired spot, the ball knocked over my glass of tea.  Upon seeing the ice and tea saturate the driveway, Bryson put his hands to his ears and began to cry hysterically.  I asked him what was wrong and he explained that my tea was knocked over and now I would not have any tea to drink.  Why did he get so emotional over my tea? I tried to explain to him that it didn't bother me, but that didn't relieve his emotional battle.

After building two churches with his blocks, Bryson called mommy and sister to come admire our creation.  The girls stayed in the room for a little while and then the church was knocked over. Bryson's world fell apart.  He didn't understand why the church was knocked over and why I was cleaning up the blocks before bedtime. His hands went to his ears and he continued to cry. He was deeply hurt that the building was knocked over and that I was putting the blocks away.  We rarely play with the blocks, and he has never really cared about them this much.  Why did he care so much this time?

I can tell when the emotional response is an SPD response because he puts his hands to his ears.  I guess he is trying to crawl inside himself for protection like a turtle.  I want to protect him...but I can't.  I want to cry when I watch him hurting so badly.

I love my son so much, and I hate what SPD does to his responses and emotions.  

Use Bryson's SPD for your glory and keep him safe while you do please.  Give me the wisdom to know how to comfort him in these emotional times...


  1. Xeno doesn't have apraxia, but he does respond very oddly to some negative things; usually when he has had milk or red dye #40. I'm sure you've already thought about these things, but I just wanted to say I can at least half-relate. It's frustrating to talk calmly to a child, only to have the child have an emotional meltdown.

  2. Thanks! It helps to know that others go through similar things. Xeno is a great name by the way.