Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kindergarten and an IEP Meeting

Kindergarten! Yesterday, we went to Bryson’s transitional IEP meeting to go from Pre-K at one school to Kindergarten at the other.  Bryson was excited and nervous, but the meeting went well.  Here is the wrap-up: Bryson will enter the year-round school in July and be paced in a regular education class.  He will do most of his activities and learning in that class, but will be pulled out for about an hour each day for resource and therapy.

We are excited for Bryson to be in a regular education class (we know he does fine at church) but it is nerve wracking.  Sheltering a child to the world is not healthy, but nothing can stop the anxiety that we have for him with the other kids.  Bryson is such a sweet boy and he is still fairly naïve to his differences.  It is going to be an emotional battle when he sees the differences in him, but I pray that God will protect his heart from unneeded despair and loneliness.

Help us to see Bryson’s need, and to give him
YOUR love and support.  We pray that his heart
will stay tender and that he will continue to
see the world and people as you do. 


While we were in the meeting, we discussed giving Bryson more time and help on tests.  WHAT? TESTS IN KINDERGARTEN?  That has to be educational malpractice.  Why do they start them so early?  It is not for the student’s good….that’s for sure.  On that note, here is a good article about the stupidity and lack of research for staring kids on the fast track to kindergarten

Help us pray for our boy as he goes to kindergarten and our little girl as she learns from mommy every day at home.

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