Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Results from my End of the Year Survey

It is interesting to see that many of the things that we value the students value too.  Many students that were not engaged and did not like participating realized that a good classroom involves those things.  So, here is a compiled list from 90 7th grade students in a high poverty North Carolina school.

What was your favorite part of Language Arts this year?
These are the most common answers in no particular order
1.                  Blogging
2.                  Reading and discussing poetry
3.                  When it was over
4.                  Working in groups
5.                  Grammar and writing
6.                  The Novels (reading aloud and discussing the book as we went)
7.                  Glogster
8.                  Taking pictures and doing activities with the pictures
9.                  Students teaching the class
10.              The projects where we proved that we knew the objectives
11.              Hamlet
12.              Watching the movie after reading the book
13.              Learning new vocabulary
14.              The Shakespeare interactive activity
15.              Making websites

What makes a GREAT teacher?
These are the most common answers in no particular order
1.                  They help you with a good attitude.
2.                  They have exciting Hands on activities
3.                  The are excited when they teach.
4.                  They pay attention to you.
5.                  They are willing to help.
6.                  They teach stuff that the students don’t know for life and not just in school.
7.                  They are nice and have a sense of humor but know when to get serious.
8.                  The include everyone in whole class discussions.
9.                  They ask if people need help and listen.
10.              They do projects.
11.              They respect students.
12.              A teacher that works on your level and explains things on our level.
13.              They help after school.
14.              They teach at a slow pace and gives us enough time to understand.
15.              They don’t try to be perfect.
16.              Caring about the students self-esteem

What makes a GREAT Classroom?
These are the most common answers in no particular order
1.                  Good students that behave
2.                  Fun colors and posters on the walls with notes to help
3.                  Few distractions on the walls
4.                  Team work
5.                  Being able to talk and work
6.                  Being able to work quietly and work without distractions
7.                  Everyone participates, ask questions, and helps others
8.                  When students think that the class is interesting
9.                  Fun yet serious
10.              Being able to hear when the teacher is teaching
11.              A home feeling
12.              Organized classroom and work
13.              Minimal interruptions
14.              Calm

What makes a BAD teacher?
These are the most common answers in no particular order
1.                  Doesn’t help you
2.                  Cusses and yells
3.                  Bad attitude
4.                  Stays on the computer/cell phone and makes the students learn on their own
5.                  Being strict without reason
6.                  homework on the weekends
7.                  Does not teach
8.                  Doesn’t give enough time to complete assignments
9.                  Doing nothing but giving lots of tests
10.              Teachers that don’t know what they teach
11.              Letting students do what they want to
12.              Someone that doesn’t care if the students do the work
13.              Bad listener
14.              Not explaining ideas
15.              Being off topic

What makes a BAD classroom?
These are the most common answers in no particular order
1.                  Bad students
2.                  Messy and out of order
3.                  Loud
4.                  No respect
5.                  Nothing on the walls
6.                  No consequences
7.                  does not involve the whole class
8.                  Interruptions
9.                  Mean kids
10.              Clutter

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