Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bryson's Kindergarten Open House

            Tonight was Bryson’s first open house for kindergarten.  Tara and I were both excited about this meeting (he has been in class for five days).  Bryson was excited to show us his classroom, teachers, and friends.
            On the way into the school, a boy told his mother,
            “That’s Bryson.  He’s funny.”  The boy talked to Bryson and played with him the entire time.  He asked Bryson questions and was social with him.  The boy also stood up for him.  Another child told Bryson to scream in the room, and of course, he did.  The teacher reprimanded Bryson and the boy told Mrs. Green that Franklin told him to do it.  The teacher’s response was,
            “Now, we know we are all supposed to help Bryson.”
This is the the boy in the green shirt that played with Bryson.
            “That’s Bryson.  He’s the different one.” Another girl told her mom.
            We know that Bryson is different and we are not surprised by the reactions/comments, so that didn’t faze us too much.  However, after speaking to the Teacher’s Aide, Tara and I wanted a change for Bryson.  Apparently, Bryson has run away (without his teachers' knowing), licked the windows, licked the playground equipment, does not stay in line, has trouble at bathroom time, etc.  The Aide was in the middle of telling Tara all of this when I entered the conversation and I could tell that the Aide thought Bryson would do better somewhere else.
            Tonight, I wrote a letter to his teacher and hope that we can work out Bryson’s education plan.  If a change doesn’t help, I guess Tara will home school Bryson.  Here is the letter that I wrote…


 Ashlyn played here while Mrs. Green was presenting.

Dear Mrs. Green:

Thank you for having the open house for the parents tonight.  Bryson seems to love being in your class and he comes home with nothing but good things to say.  However, after tonight, I feel that Bryson would be better served in a self-contained classroom.  We, my wife and I, believe that his transition IEP may have been a little ambitious.

I would like to call an IEP meeting to discuss the appropriate education program for Bryson as soon as possible.  Ms. McClaugherty expressed some concerns about Bryson’s atypical behavior in class, in the halls, and on the playground.  We agree that he needs special direction and instruction to be a successful student at this point in his education.  His Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Apraxia of Speech hinder his ability to integrate well.

We would like your opinion on this situation and Bryson’s integration, but we would also like a change to happen as soon as possible.  A quick switch would be best for his SPD and emotional response to the situation.  My opinion of the least restrictive environment for Bryson would entail a self-contained setting that includes all core subjects, art, gym, technology, and media center.

I will call around 3:15pm on Friday if I do not get a response back before then.

Thank you,
Zane Porter

… Pray that we will be bold for Bryson, strong parents, and good citizens of Wake Forest, North Carolina for the glory of God.


  1. what an awesome letter!! You are very direct but very nice about what you said...without being accusatory. You guys are awesome parents and I am very proud of your parenting. Love you!

  2. Kathy-
    Thank you for your kind words. Direct seems to be the best policy in the public school system.