Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coffee with Two Creamers and a Pride

Our church has a rotation for serving the body in necessary, but thankless, ways.  It is great to be a part of a body of believers that wants the body to grow evenly, both in spiritual awareness of scripture/theology and in service to the body.  For the past six months, Tara and I have been in a class that explored “Tough Questions” that come with following Christ.  Last week we began serving the body of Christ by keeping the coffee supplies stocked, washing all of the coffee hardware, cleaning the coffee area, taking out all of the coffee trash, and setting up/breaking down the communion tables.

I have noticed a few things about humans throughout the service these last two weeks.  Coffee seems to be a tacked on luxury that North Wake Church supplies for itself.  Money is taken from the budget to supply cups, lids, coffee, creamers, sugar, alternative sweeteners, napkins, stir straws, etc.  So, in effect, the supplies being used belong to the body because the body pays for it through giving.  There are those that seem to think that the coffee area in the foyer is the one place that 1 Corinthians 14 does not apply.  We are called to be selfless and to build up the body.

When you are getting your coffee, be considerate of the others around you.  Once you have gotten your coffee, be considerate of those around you.  If you are not getting coffee, be considerate of those around you.  It seems that people do not care about anyone but themselves when it comes to coffee.  My wife said, “It’s probably because they haven’t had their fix yet.”  I tend to agree with her, but we are not coffee drinkers, so we don’t know.
Pride simply comes out easier when we are not being intentional about humbling ourselves and our cravings.  When there is no creamer, donate some.  If the cups are running low, do something about it.  If the little creamer cups are gone, instead of rolling your eyes and pouting, be content and show love by compromising a little.  There is no little situation when it comes to building up the body.  Boast in the cross and humble yourself to service, not selfish pride.

I don’t want to finish this post without writing that I have seen a handful of people humble themselves and serve, but the bad taste that the selfish pride leaves in my mouth seems too pungent to ignore.  I can only write this because I tend to be boastful in other areas of my life; I am slowly becoming aware of those selfish areas where I need to petition God to change my heart.

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