Monday, October 24, 2011

Evaluative Essays

My classes started writing their evaluative essays today.  We have spent two days learning the concept of evaluation, brainstorming, prewriting, and outlining our essay. I had hopes of getting most of our first drafts written, but quickly realized that the students were not ready to begin writing; after modeling and giving detailed instructions I let them start and was greeted with 20 hands for help.

 Contemplating the reason for this has left me with four thoughts…
1. I didn't prepare them well enough.
2. The students lack confidence in their own writing.
3. The students want to be hand fed the essay.
4. I do not let them work independently enough and they are scared to "fly out of the nest."

Do you ever feel this way? My classroom cannot be all that different.  Maybe it's that I have forgotten how hard writing used to be for me and how much of a chore it felt like.

How can I inspire them to write on their own?  I am tired of hand holding (especially when a student doesn't know the assignment after the directions were broken down and modeled).  How do I hold the students accountable for listening and following directions when they see no value in the work being done, but there is great value in the lesson?

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