Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Failed This Week!

The curriculum for my class this past week was about 20% vocabulary words (word stems), 40% Hatchet (our novel), and 40% author’s purpose.  To teach author’s purpose, I used a Prezi with videos and student interaction.  We watched videos, listened to podcasts, read passages, looked at real-world brochures, and examined the author’s purpose in each.  After observing and working with the students for the week, I thought they had it down (there are only three options).

I assessed the students with a four passage and four question formative quiz.  After running the numbers, the students averaged a 38% (A THIRTY-EIGHT PERCENT)!  Oh, I tell you it makes me feel like a failure.  I know that I need to re-teach author’s purpose now because I can’t do irony and predicting (this week’s lessons) without it.  Unfortunately, if I take more time to re-teach, something in my last unit will suffer by not having enough time.

What do other teachers do?  Do they continue with their pacing guide?  I will re-teach, but I’m not sure how to make it more attractive to the learners.  Student motivation is lacking and I feel like I have used all of my motivational influence.  They should have mastered the concept in forth grade but they still struggle with it in seventh.  Does it make sense to you?


  1. Change the way you assess! If they "have it" during application, why do you need to do a paper/pencil quiz to assess? Are you certain that you are assessing what you taught? Could they produce something from one of the aspects of author's purpose you taught?

  2. -Anonymous
    I agree, but I am assessing the way that the county requires me to assess. I would love to assess differently. We did work out some misconceptions they had that I was unaware of though. Thanks for being frank. Soft words don't help anyone.