Saturday, October 22, 2011

Imaginary Games, Frosties, and Swinging

The kids and I decided to go to the baseball field today.  We played on the field by hitting, throwing, and trying to tag each other out.  After a while of playing and working up an appetite, we went and ate lunch.  Then we took some Frosties back to the field for a little more fun.

You can kind of see Bryson in the third base dugout eating his Frosty.  He decided that he wanted to eat his alone in the dugout.  He is just like his daddy (wanting to be alone).  Ashlyn sat with me and we enjoyed our Frosties together.

After completing our dessert, Bryson played some imaginary baseball.  Do you remember doing that?  I do!  I used to stand on the mound and throw "strikes" to the imaginary batters.  The crowd would go wild and I would be the hero.  Or, I would come to bat in the bottom of the 9th and hit a walk off homerun.  It is neat to see him play the same games.  Today, he said he was the Texas Rangers and he was playing the St. Louis Cardinals.  I wonder where he got that idea?

Ashlyn just wanted to swing.  She loves to swing.  We have a swing set in the backyard (from her Mimi and Papi) that she swings on, but these swings were much bigger.  I was swinging next to her and watching Bryson play.  I forgot how peaceful it is to swing and just let the gravitational energy take you along.

It has been a fun day.  Tara is at a Women's Day at the church so we got to have a little daddy/kid fun.

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