Saturday, October 8, 2011

Odds & Ends

1. I love my son and his imagination.  However, he likes to have his toys, “hoods” (imaginary kids), or imaginary friends do things that he would get in trouble for.  Bryson has a great imagination, but it can get tiring when we have to continue to talk to him about how what his imaginary friends do is what he is doing.
 2. It has been at least three years since I have looked for clothes for myself somewhere other than Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club.  I looked for corduroy pants at the mall, Ross, and Old Navy today.  Here are a few observations: clothes are expensive, no one sells much corduroy, and I have to shop in the big&tall section.
 3. I would love to coach and teach at the high school level as quickly as possible (preferably close to my house).

4. I have a great wife and mother of my children.

5. I want to want to exercise more and to eat better.  I just don’t want it enough right now.

6. Trying to motivate students to want to read is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

7. I don’t like programs.  Whether they are church programs or school initiatives, I hate programs and the meetings that come with them.

8.  I want to get a masters to improve my teaching career, but I don’t quite know what to study.

9. I am short with Ashlyn sometimes and I don’t like it.

10.  I have been having many (I don’t want to say regrets because I don’t really regret them but) thoughts about how I could have done things differently in my life up to this point.  My thoughts have been really selfish and I don’t want to focus on the past without striving to navigate the present well.

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