Saturday, November 12, 2011

Band of Brothers and Assessments

I watched Band of Brothers again this weekend.  As I was watching "Bastone," I heard Doc's prayer as he sunk into his foxhole.  He repeated a few lines that sparked my curiosity so I searched for them on Google and came up with Saint Francis' prayer.  Here it is (copied from wikipedia)...

Why can't we all be this selfless? I want to be this selfless for the glory of the "Divine Master."  Even in the 13th century, men were trying to convince themselves of the holiness of thinking of others above yourself.

Second, I was reading this blog and enjoyed the three questions of whether a students is successful or not. Here they are:
1.)  Are you improving?
2.)  Are you feeling confident in yourself and your ability to learn?
3.)  Can you take your mistakes and turn it into an opportunity to learn something from them?

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