Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why are People so Darn Bashful?

Why do people feel a need to follow the crowd?  I believe that the simplest answer is it that they would rather be lazy and comfortable than stand up for their individualism.  Why else would someone disregard their own thought to follow the majority?  Maybe I am even further off than I imagine, but I have a higher view of humanity than to think that men do not think for themselves.  This can be seen in the Social Media phenomenon.  It seems that, behind the mask of the internet and a computer screen, men will type what they are thinking.  People have a mind and have independent thinking, but they choose to limit the projection of that thought to the internet.

When men enter the public square they are bashful and timid; they follow the majority.  The danger here is that the majority will follow the big, flashy opinion.  What happens when the opinion that is the most attractive has been born of ignorance or deception?  Silence is the other option.  I have seen this most often lately.  No one will speak their mind.  Either they are afraid of what others will say about their opinions or they have nothing to say.  Could those options be one in the same?

I am not the most intelligent man by any means.  I fail and mess up at least as many times as I succeed.  I am quick to act and slow to think most of the time.  My opinions usually go against the norm (sometimes just because I don’t want to follow the majority).  I like to argue and be right.  I would consider myself to have more reason and less emotion.  I compartmentalize ideas and theories.  I was taught not to care what anyone thinks about me.  What do I do with myself?  Do I continue to argue and debate my opinions?  Do I sit back like the majority?  John Adams said that if the wise don’t lead, someone else will.  I guess I will lead and pray that God will give me the wisdom.  Maybe I am being arrogant.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get that out.

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