Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Essay, Essays Everywhere"

This past Friday I collected essays from my classes. I wasn't smart enough to remember how long they take to grade. With all of those essays, I spend every ounce of free time on them on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I finally finished all of the essays that were turned in today (Tuesday) at 9:00am. The next essay will be different. I will have to do something different and stagger the due dates. It is easy to get burned out on so many essays at once.

The plethora of essays gave me the realization that I am spending way too much time on school while I am at home. For the next few days, and hopefully weeks, I am not going to do anything for school (apart from reading) at home; I will not stay at school past 4:00pm either. This goes against my personality. I pride myself in my teaching and preparation. However, it will force me to work even harder at school so that I don't have to bring anything home. I might have to hide to get work done or simply not be as prepared as I would like to be.

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