Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inspiration has Arrived

So, My wife and I went to see "The Words" today.  It has given me some inspiration to write and to try to write with more emotion and depth.  I believe, however, that I will never be a good writer until something tragic happens in my life.  I am not prideful enough to wish that upon myself, but it is an illuminating truth.  For deep emotions to come out in a genuine flow, there must be a deep scar.  I can try to fabricate emotions that I have never felt, but it is hard for the simple fact that it is hard to explain something that one has never experienced.

Robert, my main character, has something coming.  I am going to do my best to create feelings of loneliness and emotional pain.  While I have had my share of limited emotional pain, I have never been scared like I hope to write about for Robert.  My frontal cortex will have to work overtime so that I can sink deep into fear and anger and hatred and passion and embarrassment and rage and uncontrollable day dreaming.

Wish me, Tara, Robert, and Ann luck.   We're going to need it.

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