Monday, September 3, 2012

New School Year #4

The year has started off great. The students have had five days of class and are ready for a new challenge (most of them). This semester I am teaching AP English Language and Composition and English IV. There are a few students that I see needing some extra help to pull them through, but for the most part the students seem like they are ready to get the job done.

AP has learned about highlighting and annotating along with prewriting and working on a position paper. After reading through the first practice timed writing, I had two sixes and every grade below. I think that we have a good chance of putting everyone over the 5-6 mark before the semester is over. They are ready for the challenge and are hungry to learn. If I could only rid them of the grade fallacy and get them to focus on the process.
English IV is going well and the students are presenting their Anglo-Saxon projects on Tuesday. The main thrust of that assignment is prior knkwledge and aligning supporting detail to an essential question. We have been reading Beowulf and look forward to reading The Canterbury Tales next week. Diction has been the name of the game while reading. We are working hard to understand why translators and authors pick the words that they do and how that diction affects the various meanings.

At home, my wife and I have been praying about homeschooling my son. He is in public school as a 1st grader now and has been in since pre-k, but we are starting to think that Bryson would be better served by learning at home. As a state school teacher, I have faith in the public school, but I also see that it is not the best environment for every child and family structure. My daughtr will start in the public school next year, but Bryson needs caring one-on-one instruction every day for every skill and activity.
Bryson has been showing an emotional reaction to certain processed foods lately, so we are going on a more natural diet. My mom is in town to try it with us and my wife has been wonderful at cooking our meals at home. I hope that we stay with it and that it will benefit my son, our family, and my mother well.

We will have to find something else to occupy our nights now that the Mudcat's season is over. Maybe we will go on more walks and see some great high school football, soccer, and volleyball.

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