Saturday, March 19, 2016

Extending the Writing Deadline

In class, we are working on a Civil Rights research essay.  Learners have been placed into groups of three to four and are tasked with exploring a specific aspect of the Civil Rights movement through research, writing, art, and an explanation of the art.  We began the project three weeks ago and have been learning about the major events and ideas of the movement. 

For the writing, the learners have worked through their topic, research question, thesis, quality sources, and have been working through their outlines. Many of the learners have not begun writing because they have not been researching well enough to have much to say, yet. 

Writing and researching is different for everyone.  Some research quickly and write slowly, some research slowly and write quickly, and others are somewhere in-between.  I do not want to rush learners too much because I do not want them to simply check boxes to get the work done.  However, the due date on the polished draft for the essay is a week away and many have not started writing.

Here is my problem. Should I push the due date out until the next week, giving the learners about ten days instead of five?  If I do this, it gives the learners more time to write, revise, and consult with me.  The learning happens in the trenches of writing the paper and revising for clarity, purpose, voice, and strength of argument.  I am hesitant to allow more time because I do not want the learners who are prone to procrastination to have more time to procrastinate and waste the extra time.

I am going to allow for three more days on the polished draft, but I am going to be more diligent to check in with the majority of learners and their progress every day.  I will reflect on this process as I go and let you in on my thoughts.  See ya Monday.

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